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EXCLUSIVE: Cockroaches found in kitchen of popular China Town restaurant

FINED: Cockroaches were found in the kitchen at Bao & Noodle (stock image)

A POPULAR China Town restaurant has been fined after inspectors found cockroaches in the kitchen. Several of the insects were found by environmental health inspectors in the basement kitchen of Bao & Noodle in Lisle Street, Soho, central London. Westminster Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday "there were cockroaches beneath a filthy wet cloth beside a rice cooker next to the food lift in the basement kitchen. Cockroaches were harbouring within the wooded structure of the worktop next to the food lift, while the pests were also seen on the floor of the basement kitchen near a fridge.

GUILTY: The business admitted the failings in court

A dead cockroach was found on the surface of the lift access hatch. Panda Express Fast Food Limited, which is owned by restauranter Kwok Keung NG, 65, and runs the eatery, pleaded guilty to three breaches of food safety and hygiene regulations in connection with the inspection in September 2017. The court heard the "premises were not clean and maintained in good repair and condition" and the company "failed to ensure that floor surfaces were maintained in a sound condition that were easy to clean and disinfected."

DISH: Food from the restaurant shown on Tripadvisor

The company was ordered to pay £4,255 including fine, legal costs and a victim surcharge. Eighty six people have reviewed the restaurant on Google, giving it an average score of 3.5 out of five stars. Yung Kyle, who gave five stars three months ago said: "Very good food and very friendly and helpful staff." However, Paggy Shen, who visited eight months ago was less impressed, giving it just one star. They wrote: " Food was worst than a takeaway shop. Bland oily flavours, that does no credit to Chinese food."

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