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EXCLUSIVE: Man and woman accused of 'vandalising Tory HQ' over Heathrow expansion plan

PROTEST: The charges allege the vandalism was in protest at Heathrow expansion plans

A PENSIONER and an organic food grower are due to appear in court charged with vandalising the Tory Party HQ over in protest at Heathrow Airport expansion plans.

Genevieve Scherer, 72, from Clapham, south London, is due at Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow alongside Julian Hallam, 52, an organic food producer from Carmarthen in Wales.

SCENE: The pair are accused of spray painting the Tory HQ

It is alleged that Scherer and Hallam, who runs Organics to Go in Golden Grove, Carmarthen, spray painted "Vote no Heathrow" on the walls of Conservative Campaign Headquarters in Westminster on June 18 this year.

The charge alleges the vandalism cost Tory coffers around £1,000.

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