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EXCLUSIVE HARLOW: Schools warn parents after man exposes himself to two pupils

SCHOOLS across Harlow today warned parents to be vigilant after a man exposed himself to two girls in the street.

Harlow schools warn over sex pest

INVESTIGATION: A man exposed himself to two school girls in Harlow yesterday

According to warning texts and notices sent out by schools across the district, the man struck while the two girls were on their way to school yesterday.

Essex Police has yet to release details about the sex pest.

The school the girls attend has not been identified.

Essex Police made no official warning

NO COMMENT: Essex Police has put out no official warning

A message to parents from one primary school said: "We are writing to make you aware there has been an incident where a man has exposed himself to two girls on their way to school in Harlow yesterday.

"Police are not giving out specific details, however in the interests of safeguarding I thought it was important we share this information with parents."

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