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ESSEX - BASILDON EXCLUSIVE: Basildon cabbie has licence suspended to 'protect public' follo

PUBLIC RISK: The licence was suspended with immediate effect (file image)

BASILDON Council has suspended the licence of a cab driver after they were arrested. The council has refused to provide details of the offence the unnamed driver is suspected of committing, but said it had suspended the licence with "immediate effect" to ensure public safety. The driver had a licence to drive private hire vehicles and a Hackney Carriage licence for taxis, which was valid until 2018.

ACTION: Basildon Council said it had no choice but to act

A council report into the decision said: "There is reasonable cause to suspend the licence to drive hackney carriage and private hire vehicles that had been granted by the council for the three year period ending February 2018. "Furthermore, in the interest of public safety the suspension of the licence shall have immediate effect. "The suspension will be reviewed in the light of further information being received, including the outcome of any subsequent court proceedings. "The Council could decide to take no action at this time but this could put the public at risk."

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