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EXCLUSIVE: Essex News & Investigations makes contact with 'on the run Beast of Kavos' ra

A SERIAL rapist wanted by police after a new allegation was made against him has been contacted by Essex News & Investigations while he is in hiding.

Dimitris Aspiotis, 47, (pictured above) known as the Beast of Kavos after being convicted of raping a string of British women, is wanted for questioning over an alleged new attack on Corfu, but has so far evaded capture for more than a week despite an extensive manhunt.

Aspiotis, who carried out the sickening attacks on British holiday workers and tourists at the Corfu resort, has been in hiding since a 34-year-old Albanian woman alleged he kept her hostage and raped her at knifepoint over two days before she was found in a hut on Saturday, May 9.

REPLY: Aspiotis says 'no' to our reporter in a Facebook reply before pressing block (Facebook)

Essex News & Investigations sent a message to Aspiotis through his Facebook account, asking if the new allegations were true.

He replied with just one word - "όχι" - the Greek for no, before blocking our reporter.

The woman making the new rape allegation had been reported missing by her husband two days earlier after she vanished from their home in the nearby town of Lefkimi. Last August the Sunday Express exposed how Aspiotis had been let out of a 52-year jail term, he received in December 2012, 43 years early and was back roaming bars around the popular holiday resort, with tourists given no warnings.

BRAVE: Kayleigh Morgan was raped by Aspiotis in 2010 (Kayleigh Morgan)

Victim Kayleigh Morgan, 32, who waved her anonymity following the expose, was told by the judge Aspiotis would die in prison, and warned he would strike again after his release. Aspiotis has been convicted of raping seven women, but it is believed the true number of victims could be much higher. Another British victim, who was not involved in the prosecutions, has now come forward on Facebook to speak of her shock that Aspiotis is facing another rape allegation. The woman, who we are not naming, said: "This may come as a shock, as I haven't opened up about this except to my close family, but now I feel I have to. "A few years ago, I was raped and sexually assaulted while in Kavos. "It was an horrific, violent and evil attack that left me with PTSD. "It was only six years later that they finally ran the DNA from my attacker through their database and it matched this man Dimitris Aspiotis aka the Beast of Kavos... "This week my heart once again sank as I found out that my rapist is now the target of an extreme manhunt. "I hope to God he gets shot, but lives to be put back behind bars where he belongs." She was encouraged not to pursue a prosecution, as Aspiotis was, at the time still serving his 52-year prison term.

ACTIVE: Aspiotis was using Facebook the day the new alleged victim was found (Facebook)

She also said Aspiotis raped her while facing prosecution for his summer 2010 attacks on Ms Morgan and three other women after being given a period of bail. Before his arrest in August 2010, he managed to evade capture for ten days by hiding in woods and hills around the resort, that he knows like the "back of his hand," according to Greek media. Ms Morgan was a holiday rep aged 23 when she was dragged into woods at knifepoint in August 2010.

SEARCH: Police hunt for Aspiotis around Lefkimi this week (YouTube)

Aspiotis raped her at knifepoint five times during a 14-hour ordeal after stalking her near woods. She said: "I want to make sure he gets locked away for good this time. My heart goes out to his latest victim. She would never have been in this position if the sentence I got him was kept to by the Greek authorities." Locals in Kavos said Aspiotis was being aided by a small number of people who provide him food and water.

CAUGHT: Aspiotis being arrested in August 2010

A local online petition, calling for a change in the law, so he can be sent back to prison for the original offences has got more than 1,000 names. According to Greek media, Aspiotis last posted on his Facebook page on May 9, after he blocked our reporter and same the day the latest alleged victim was found, mentioning Albanians and saying he was "taking an axe."

Searches involving several police units and helicopters took place last week, but locals said they appeared to stop by Thursday.

Greek media reported that it appeared he had been "swallowed up by the ground." In a Greek TV interview that Aspiotis did before the new allegations he said he was a changed man.

MAKEOVER: Aspiotis with a very different look during Greek TV interview (Annita Pania/YouTube)

He told the Sunday Express last year he would never rape again after getting off drugs. Unaware who Aspiotis was the Albanian couple invited him to their home on the evening of May 6, but it has been reported in Greece that the husband believes he drugged them both before making off with the woman. He reported her missing on May 7. A spokeswoman for the Greek Police confirmed the searches were to locate Aspiotis following an allegation of rape. Last year, the Greek Ministry of Justice had refused to confirm his early under a controversial new law to ease prison overcrowding. It is believed the Greek authorities were reluctant to give any official warnings about Aspiotis’s release due to fears of the effect on tourism.

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