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Was EU HITLER’S brainchild? Shock claim first president of European Commission was a Nazi

THEORY: Paul Anthony Taylor claimed the EU was the brainchild of Hitler at the Glastonbury Symposium

THE blueprint for the European Union was devised by Adolf Hitler and the first president of the European Commission was a senior Nazi party member it has extraordinarily been claimed.

Planning of a "new Europe" under Nazi control began in Rome in May 1938 before the outbreak of the second world war, a major conspiracy theory conference was told.

Paul Anthony Taylor, executive director of the Dr Rath Health Foundation, said it was when Adolf Hitler met with Mussolini, during a state visit to Italy, to plan a future Europe under their control, and a bi-national commission was created.

Between June 20 and 26 that year, the first meeting of the commission took place in Rome, Mr Taylor said.

The Dr Rath Health Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Europe and the United States, which campaigns for better access to natural health remedies.

He was lecturing at the 27th annual Glastonbury Symposium, an annual conference dedicated to the paranormal, conspiracy theories, alternative thought, and new age philosophies.

EU Nazis

CONTROVERSIAL: Paul Taylor giving his Nazi origins of the EU speech in Glastonbury

Mr Taylor claimed to produce historical Nazi records that showed how the Nazi party created terms used in the EU today as part of its vision of a "New Europe" after the war.

He said they showed that by 1941 Arno Solter was head of "Germany's Central Research Institute for National Economic Order and Greater Sphere Economy", based in Dresden, and had prepared a blueprint for a future Europe under Nazi control.

Mr Taylor said: "Modern-day concepts described in Solter's blueprint include the European Commission and the system of EU directives."

He said records showed how one of the leading members of the official Nazi state delegation to Rome in June 1938 was the late Professor Walter Hallstein.

A number of other conspiracy theory websites subscribe to the view about the Nazi creation of the EU and Mr Hallstein's alleged past as a Nazi member.

The papers showed, he claimed, that Mr Hallstein was the legal architect of Hitler's "new Europe" before and during WWII.

CLAIMS: A slide shown during the talk making claims of Walter Hallstein being a Nazi

However, after being captured by US troops in 1944, and spending the rest of the war in a prisoner-of-war camp, Mr Hallstein never faced any war crime trials and was returned to Germany and recruited to a diplomatic career.

He was the leading civil servant at the German Foreign Office, and by 1958 he became the first president of the European Commission in Brussels.

He served in the role until 1967 and according to the EU website, he was a “visionary leader” and a “diplomatic force” who propelled European integration.

However, Mr Taylor showed documents which he alleged placed Mr Hallstein at the heart of the Nazi party, and the bid for a new Europe that promised united laws and currency across the continent.

Mr Taylor said: "The association of National Socialist German Lawyers was founded in 1933, immediately after the Nazis had seized power.

"In 1936, it was converted to the notorious NAZI Association of Law Protectors.

"Membership of this organisation was restricted to those individuals showing uncompromising support for, and participation in, the implementation of the Nazi ideology.

"Hallstein was a member of both these organisations.”

However, official records say that anyone working in the legal profession in Germany at the time had to be a member of these organisation, so it did not mean an individual was actually a NAZI sympathiser.

There are also a number of inconsistencies within the theories.

For example there is no official reference to a NAZI Association of Law Protectors and no reference to Mr Hallstein being a NAZI sympathiser outside the conspiracy theory sphere.

Mr Taylor added: "On January 23 1939 Hallstein gave a propaganda speech in the Mahn and Ohlerichs Celler in Rostock, in which he discussed the link up of Austria and large parts of Czechoslovakia with Germany, by seizing them as part of 'the creation of the greater German reich' and the 'legal Germanisation of the new territories’.”

UNIFIED: Hitler wanted an EU-like system of control in Europe claims the foundation

He claimed Mr Hallstein said in the speech that "failing to do this during the First World War was one of the unfinished tasks and failures of the second reich”.

Mr Taylor said Hallstein also described the legal process of uniting these countries as the issuing of "directives".

In more sinister claims, Mr Taylor said Hallstein was involved in the implementation of Nazi racist laws against Jews.

Mr Taylor said: "Hallstein stated that one of the most important laws to be introduced in the annexed countries was the Law for the Protection of the German Blood and the German Honour.

"In other words, he advocated the imposition of the Nuremberg Racial Laws as a top priority.

"These laws excluded German Jews from Reich citizenship and prohibited them from marrying or having sexual relations with persons of German or related blood."

Hallstein was serving with the Nazis as an army officer in France when he was captured in 1944.

However, within 13 years, he was back in Rome, on March 25 1957, to sign the Treaties of Rome, which were the founding documents of the European Union.

Mr Taylor said: "Ask yourself, how did this man get to sign the Treaties of Rome?"

The conspiracy theorist became involved in Dr Rath Health Foundation after curing himself of chronic fatigue syndrome in the 1990s.

Mr Taylor said Dr Rath Health Foundation unearthed the evidence while carrying out research into the EU to do with directives that have come down hard against natural health remedies.

He said: "How did an organisation involved in natural health end up researching the history of the EU?"

He said it was because of a "draconian approach" the EU took to herbal remedies.

Mr Taylor said the research showed that the EU had rewritten much of its history and people should be allowed to know the full truth.

The claims have been made in a book published by the foundation called The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’, which is co-written by Mr Taylor and August Kowalczyk, a former prisoner at Auschwitz.

The foundation has also placed all the documents online.

Mr Taylor said: "This is a part of the history of the war and the run up to the creation of the EU that has been left out.

"Either I'm making this up and have come here to deliberately mislead you or we have to feature this into the account."

He said he was not opposed to a united Europe, but it had to be designed to act for the benefit of the people, and that was not currently the case.

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