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VIDEO: Watch car passengers flee in terror as gunman opens fire on vehicle in Liverpool street today

THREE men ran for their lives after a gunman opened fire on their car in the early hours of this morning. This video, caught on a nearby shop camera, shows a parked car in Stanley Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool after midnight this morning. Moments later what looks like an electric bike passes on the other side of the road and a man on the back jumps off and fires a shot at the car, while the rider turns back round and disappears out of shot and the front passenger gets out of the vehicle. The gunman fires a second shot at the car before two men get out of the back and he aims a third shot at the fleeing first passenger. Another passenger flees and a fourth shot is fired as the third man to emerge tries to hide behind the car. He then runs off and a fifth shot is fired as the gunman chases him off camera. Amazingly, the driver had remained in the vehicle and the car is seen being driven off in the opposite direction to where the men ran. Two of the men, in their 20s and 30s respectively, turned up at the Royal Liverpool Hospital with gunshot wounds to their hands and legs at around 12.50am this morning. Their injuries were not believed to be life threatening, and police were alerted. A trail of blood was found in Stanley Road, near the junction with Pansy Street.

The area was today cordoned off and examined by forensics officers. Merseyside Police has appealed for information. A spokesman said: "Detectives are investigating following an injury shooting in Kirkdale in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday, September 8. “At around 12.50am, two men, on in his 30s and one in his 20s, attended at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital with non life-threatening gunshot injuries to their hands and legs.

Detective Inspector John Fitzgerald, from the force's Firearms Investigation Team, said: "We’re working to piece together exactly what happened and so are keen to speak to anyone who was in the vicinity of Stanley Road and Pansy Street around midnight and saw or heard anything, either the shooting itself or any people making away from the area, and vehicle details. "Recent days have seen a number of firearms removed from the streets, and recent months a downturn in these types of incidents.


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