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Teenage girl missing for two nights found in Maldon after dramatic helicopter search

A MISSING teenage girl has been found in Maldon after a dramatic search involving a police helicopter, undercover police teams, and members of the public, Essex News and Investigations can report. The news was announced by a relative on Facebook at about 10:30pm tonight (Tuesday). Essex Police later confirmed she had been found. The force said she went missing on Sunday and issued an appeal yesterday. This evening a police helicopter was seen circling an area above Heybridge at about 9:30pm. It is understood to have followed a sighting of her near the Asda store off Colchester Road. The search moved to the Maldon Bypass at about 10pm and over the neighbouring golf course. Teams of police officers, including undercover units, were also seen parked on the bypass at about 10pm, with others earlier seen in the High Street.

CHOPPER: Helicopter hovering over bypass tonight On Monday, Essex Police issued a missing appeal asking for help to find her. It said: "We are carrying out extensive checks locally to find (her) and would ask the public to help us find her and call us if they see her or know where she is. "We need to make sure she’s safe."

SEARCH: Police cars parked on the bypass as officers enter the golf course

From 10pm locals also said they were heading out to take part in the search, with about 20 people turning up.

A woman who joined the search said: "After about ten minutes they thanked us for turning up, but she had been found."

One relative posted on Facebook at about 10.30pm: "Thank you everyone. (She) has been found."

Another posted: "Been found. Police have her. Hopefully be reunited asap thank you all so much for sharing."

An Essex Police statement said: "Thank you for all your help, support, and sharing of our appeal - it really does make a difference."


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