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Stansted Airport evacuated as bomb disposals carry out controlled explosion of suspect package

HUNDREDS of passengers and airport staff were evacuated from Stansted Airport today after a man was arrested while military bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious package. They were forced to wait in a car park for several hours from about 1pm after part of terminal one of the Essex airport was evacuated with a large cordon in place following reports of the suspect package in the security area. Bomb disposal experts destroyed the package which was later "forensically recovered by police investigators." An Essex Police spokesman said: "We attended Stansted Airport following concerns about a suspicious package in the security area. "A cordon was set up and passengers were evacuated from that area of the airport and everyone was brought to a position of safety. "Military explosive experts were called to assess the package. "Initial assessment would indicate there was nothing of concern within the bag. "A man has been arrested in connection with this matter and remains in custody whilst investigations continue. "We want to thank all passengers and members of the public for your patience and understanding."

The airport has since reopened. One witness said people left the airport in a panicked rush as police officers ordered them outside and an evacuation siren was sounded. Asha Umrawsingh, one of those evacuated, said: "We were about to go through security and they asked us to move back and then out of the terminal. "People were a bit confused as no announcement was made about the suspicious package. There were a few hundred people outside the airport." Dr David de Lorenzo tweeted: "Stansted Airport has been partly evacuated. People asked to leave stores and shopping carts behind, and (they are) being closed in a hurry." A Stansted spokesman said: “Following reports of a suspicious package in the security area a partial evacuation of the terminal took place as per standard procedure. “This resulted in our security processing area being temporarily closed." Outbound passengers were affected with arrival flights still operating.

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