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Police were chasing Chris Kaba over previous firearm incident but no gun was found in his car - IOPC

THE rapper shot dead by an armed Met Police officer was being chased in connection with a firearms incident in the previous days but no gun was found in his car or nearby the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) has confirmed.

An IOPC spokesman said tonight: "Our investigators are working hard to establish the circumstances surrounding the fatal police shooting of a man in Kirkstall Gardens, Streatham Hill on Monday September 5.

"We can now (formally) identify the man as Chris Kaba, aged 24, from Wembley.

"We have met with Mr Kaba’s family members today to explain our role and update them on our investigation. "We will continue to update them as our investigation continues.

"We understand at this stage that police officers in an armed response vehicle attempted to stop the vehicle Mr Kaba was in, following the activation of an automatic number plate recognition camera which indicated the vehicle was linked to a firearms incident in the previous days. As the investigation into that incident is ongoing by the MPS, it would not be appropriate to provide further information.

"We can confirm that around 10pm, as armed officers attempted to stop and contain the vehicle, a single shot was discharged by a police officer. CPR was immediately administered by officers at the scene and support was quickly requested from the London Ambulance Service and London’s Air Ambulance. Mr Kaba sadly died in hospital later that night."

A detailed search of the scene and surrounding area was completed last night. No non-police issue firearm has been recovered from the vehicle or the scene.

A detailed forensic examination will be completed on the vehicle Mr Kaba was driving and on some of the police vehicles involved, which have been removed from the scene and taken to a secure location.

Regional Director Sal Naseem said the IOPC is committed to carrying out a thorough and comprehensive investigation to establish all of the facts surrounding this fatal shooting.

He said: “We recognise that there is community concern following this incident and we appreciate that questions will remain around how Mr Kaba tragically ended up being fatally shot following an attempted vehicle stop.

“We are working hard to piece together all of the circumstances surrounding this incident and we want to reassure the community that these questions will be answered in due course, however it will take some time before our investigation is able to uncover all of the facts. While these details are still being confirmed, we ask that the public avoid speculating about this incident out of respect for Mr Kaba's family and for anyone else affected.

“This investigation is complex in nature and there is a large amount of evidence that our investigators are continuing to gather and review.

“While we have already undertaken some door-to-door enquiries in the neighbourhood, there is likely to be members of the public we are yet to speak to which may have information that could assist our investigation.

“Anyone with information that may be useful in helping us to paint the picture of the events that evening is asked to contact the IOPC by phoning 0300 303 0779 or by emailing sends e-mail) - referencing “Streatham Hill”.

“Our heartfelt sympathies remain with Mr Kaba’s family and friends, and everyone affected by this tragic incident.”

There are calls for the Met to give more details about the circumstances of the death.

Labour MP for Hackney Diane Abbott tweeted today: "Police urgently need to issue more information on Streatham shooting. They should not be hiding behind an IOPC investigation. The community deserves to know the truth ."


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