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Police sergeant who injured colleague after pulling her over from behind gets final written warning

A POLICE sergeant who injured a female colleague after putting his arms round her upper chest from behind and lowering her to the floor has received a final written warning.

Sergeant Paul Wigington was found by a misconduct panel to have committed gross misconduct during the "joke" that went wrong at Grays Police Station on November 8 2019.

An investigation was launched after the PC reported that she had been injured by Mr Wigington.

A misconduct hearing took place this week, between April 19 and 22 at Chelmsford Civic Centre.

The panel, led by legally qualified chair Stephen Gowland, heard that Sergeant Wigington and the constable had engaged in a friendly joke a short time before the incident occurred.

The constable was then approached from behind by Wigington, who put his arms around her upper chest, before lowering her backwards to the floor. This action caused an injury to the officer.

The constable attended hospital the following day after complaining of pain to her head.

Sergeant Wigington, the panel heard, had not meant the action as an assault, but as a joke.

These allegations breach the Standards of Professional Behaviour of Authority, Respect and Courtesy and Discreditable Conduct. They were found to be proven by the panel at the hearing and amounted to gross misconduct.

Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills said: "Sergeant Paul Wigington injured a colleague in full view of other officers and he has faced the consequences of those actions.

“His actions were completely unacceptable and reckless and the panel have recognised this by finding his behaviour that day amounted to gross misconduct.”

“We expect the very highest professional standards from all of our officers and staff. When these standards fall below our expectations, then we will always investigate.”

“Essex Police employs thousands of officers and staff. The vast majority of them are caring, hard-working and diligent and they work tirelessly every day to protect and serve your communities."


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