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Police Federation boss John Apter in shock suspension following sexual misconduct allegations

THE Police Federation has suspended its chairman John Apter after he was suspended by his own force over an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Mr Apter was suspended by Hampshire Police after an allegation made by a female officer of sexual impropriety.

His popular Twitter account and his Linkedin account disappeared just hours after news of the suspension emerged.

Mr Apter, aged in his 50's, represents 130,000 officers up to the rank of chief inspector as chairman of the Police Federation union, a post he has held since 2018. Mr Apter is under disciplinary and criminal investigation over allegations of sexual touching said to relate to the Police Bravery Awards earlier this month.

It is understood there are four incidents of gross misconduct under investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Tonight, his @pfew_chair Twitter account could no longer be accessed.

A spokesperson for the IOPC said: ''We can confirm that, on Friday December 17, we received a referral relating to a police constable from Hampshire Constabulary and we have started an independent investigation.

''On Monday 20 December, the officer was served with a notice of investigation for potential breaches of police professional standards relating to four separate alleged incidents.

''They were also advised they are subject to criminal investigation, for sexual touching contrary to section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, in relation to two of those alleged incidents.”

Mr Apter was investigated by the IOPC earlier this year in connection with messages about the trial of killer cop Wayne Couzens sent by senior Police Federation board members in a messaging group, but he was not found to have committed any misconduct during that probe.

A federation spokeswoman said: "We have been informed that the National Chair of the Police Federation has been suspended from duty by Hampshire Police whilst an investigation is undertaken.

“As a result he is also currently suspended from his current PFEW role.

“PFEW has acted as swiftly as possible in conjunction with the force. “The investigation is being undertaken by the Independent Office for Police Conduct. “We are unable to comment on this matter until the investigation has concluded.

“National Vice-Chair Ché Donald will be fulfilling all PFEW commitments in this area until further notice.”


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