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Indian national wanted by FBI over $31m "wire fraud" agrees to be extradited to the USA

A MAN wanted in connection with a $31m (£24m) wire fraud in the US has agreed to extradition.

Gautam Choudhary, 41, was arrested on an international arrest warrant (IAW) as he was attempting to fly to Geneva in April. The IAW stated: "Choudhary is wanted for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. This involved defrauding investors through a purported factoring company. The total value of the fraud is in excess of 31 million dollars."

The Indian national from north west London appeared at Westminster Magistrate's Court on Wednesday when he consented to the extradition request.

He was remanded in custody due to the seriousness of the offence, his lack of community ties in the UK and his likelihood of absconding to be extradited on a date to be set.

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