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EXCLUSIVE: Polish national living in UK facing extradition to face string of criminal charges

A POLISH national, who was living in the UK, is facing extradition back home to face a string of criminal charges.

Maciej Cichowicz, 47, was arrested by the Met Police under a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) in April and brought before Westminster Magistrates' Court.

The EAW states he was wanted to stand trial for GBH, false representation, theft from a vehicle and damage to a vehicle.

A Polish Police wanted appeal, translated into English, says he is wanted for "Causing serious damage to health in the form of another serious disability, a serious incurable or long-term disease, a truly life-threatening disease, a permanent mental illness, a total or significant permanent incapacity to work in the profession or a permanent, significant disfigurement or deformation of the body.

Other offences listed in the wanted appeal are "counterfeiting or altering documents in order to use them as authentic, or using a counterfeit or forged document as authentic, burglary and extortion by robbery."

Cichowicz contested extradition, but at a hearing at the court on Tuesday, September 26 2023, his extradition was ordered and he was remanded in custody to be sent on a later date.

A record of the hearing said bail was refused because of the "nature and seriousness of the offence and the likely sentence if he were convicted," meaning he is likely to abscond.


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