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CPS PROSECUTOR ON DUBAI EXTRADITIONS: 'Fugitives bribe officials and noting f***ing happens'

EXCLUSIVE: BRITISH fugitive criminals are rarely brought back from Dubai because of "bribes" and corruption, a prosecution barrister was today heard to say.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) barrister was speaking to a colleague during a break in a crown court money laundering trial when his comments were picked up by his microphone and heard by Essex News and Investigations.

The pair were discussing some British fugitives who are in Dubai but wanted for questioning by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The female CPS barrister said to her colleague that she understood one of the fugitives was not meant to be in Dubai and had been arrested and there was an international arrest warrant out for her.

Her male colleague replied: "As I understand it these individuals are out there, but they just bribe the officials and nothing f***ing happens."

While up to 400 Brits wanted in connection with the EncroChat hack investigation, are understood to be hiding out in Dubai, there have been a small number of wanted high-profile Brits who were sent back by the United Arab Emirates, including Leon Cullen and Michael Moogan, both from Liverpool.


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