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EXCLUSIVE: 'Canada Goose protestors' to challenge case against them after anti-demo injuncti

PROTESTORS accused of breaching an injunction banning them from demonstrating outside the flagship store of luxury clothes store Canada Goose say the prosecutions should be thrown out after judges ruled the injunction was "defective."

A defence lawyer made the claim during a hearing for alleged protestor Catherine MaClean, 62, at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Macleane, from Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, West Sussex, was due to appear to face three allegations of breaching a civil injunction not to protest outside the Canada Goose Regents Street store in London.

The luxury retail clothing company that is subject to frequent protests by animal rights activists due to its use of real animal fur and down in its products.

In November 2017 Canada Goose sought, and obtained, an interim injunction against ‘persons unknown’ to prevent protests outside the Regent Street store.

In 2018 it applied to make the injunction permanent, but was unsuccessful and took the case to the Court of Appeal.

In March this year, the Court of Appeal discharged the interim injunction as invalid for being too vague as it referred simply to persons unknown and had not been served on all protestors known to the company.

In the magistrates' court hearing on Tuesday it was alleged that on August 11 2019 MaClean stood inside the exclusion zone holding a sign saying "Canada Goose Kills Dogs," which she was prevented from doing by the injunction.

FLAGSHIP: The Canada Goose branch in Regent Street (Google)

A second allegation is that on September 8 2019 she stood in a pool of fake blood and walked the substance into the "inner exclusion zone leaving a trail of bloody footprints," in breach of the injunction.

The allegation is that on November 9 2019 she went into the store and, while restrained by security staff, hurled 20 sheets of printer paper into the store, also in breach of the injunction.

MaClean did not turn up to the hearing.

Her lawyer said: "Miss MaClean is not here because she is suffering badly from Covid-19."

A letter from Dr Hugo Wilson, of Mid Sussex Healthcare, was read to the court.

Dr Wilson said McClean was suffering from "post Covid fatigue," a post-viral condition which can leave sufferers ill for weeks or months after infection.

She has suffered headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness for the past five months, and was not well enough to attend court, said the letter.

Her lawyer said she may be able to manage a brief telephone call with the court, but was looking for the case to go to a jury trial.

He added: "The allegations are about breach of the injunction, but the Court of Appeal has said the injunction is invalid

The case was adjourned.

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