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EXCLUSIVE: Sex offender who fled after arrest on suspicion of new offence was hunted by chopper then

A SEX offender was rearrested after a dramatic search involving a police helicopter.

Eyewitnesses said the Essex Police chopper hovered low over the Nicholls Field open space and surrounding areas in Harlow for more than an hour on Friday from around 5pm.

The force has confirmed it was looking for a man who fled after being arrested on suspicion of breaching a sexual harm prevention order and possession of a class B drug.

He was found and rearrested.

Sexual harm prevention orders are served by courts on people who have been cautioned for or convicted of a sexual offence and are deemed to still pose a risk.

They place measures on the individual designed to prevent them reoffending.

EYE IN THE SKY: The force chopper was above open area more than an hour (Pics S Bray)

Despite the search, the man was not charged and was released while investigations into the alleged new offences continue.

An Essex Police spokeswoman said: "A man was arrested on Friday May 15 on suspicion of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, escape from lawful custody and possession of a class B drug. "He has been released under investigation."

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