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'I felt sick when I learned psychopath who raped me for 14 hours in Kavos woods was freed from j

A VICTIM of a sick rapist dubbed the Beast of Kavos has spoken of the horror she felt after learning he was freed from jail 43 years early.

Last month the Sunday Express exclusively revealed how Dimitris Aspiotis was quietly released after serving only nine years of a 52-year prison term for a series of horrific rapes of British tourists and holiday workers in the popular resort of Kavos on Corfu.

Kayleigh Morgan was a holiday rep aged just 23 when she was raped by Aspiotis, 47, five times over a 14-hour period after he attacked her and dragged her into woods at knifepoint after stalking her on August 8 2010.

She gave a harrowing account of the rape with two other victims at a Greek court and in

TWISTED: Dimitris Aspiotis in a Facebook posting since his release

December 2012, he received the record sentence that Greece was applauded for.

Miss Morgan, 32, who now works as a British Airways stewardess, said: "When I heard he was out I felt sick. It was a kick in the teeth. I still feel sick. It feels like there is no justice. When he got 52 years I was told by the judge it was with no parole.

"She even came and apologised to me for what had happened in her country when I was working to bring in tourism and she told me to go and enjoy my life because she told me he would never get out and never be able to do this to another woman.

"Every year on the anniversary that is what got me through knowing that I'm fine and I'm winning and travel the world with this amazing job and I've got everything and he had nothing and was rotting in prison."

POPULAR: Aspiotis is again free to roam the bustling resort of Kavos (Jon Austin)

But this year when she had those thoughts, unbeknown to her or his other victims, Aspiotis had been out enjoying the Kavos nightlife for at least three months after his April release.

Kayleigh, from West Drayton, said: "A friend of my mum's read about it in the Sunday Express and told us. I couldn't believe he was out. We got told nothing, there was no warning from the Greek authorities or the British Consulate that he was coming out it was just done secretly because they are more worried about tourism than people's safety.

"But now I know that he is just sat in a Kavos cocktail bar drinking beer and leering at women, I'm sure.

"He should never have got out. He is a complete psychopath. He raped me five times, but for him it is not about sex, it is about power and control.

"He had me in that forest for 14 hours."

CAUGHT: Aspiotis being arrested after his 2010 rape spree

Aspiotis was convicted of the rapes of at least six women, but it is believed there could be more victims.

His attacks took place at the height of summer in the resort of Kavos, popular with school leavers and university students.

Aspiotis, who is nicknamed Jimmy and dubbed “Jimmy the Rapist” by locals, was previously jailed in 2007 for raping three women.

But he began attacking women, including Kayleigh, within weeks of his 2010 release, leading to the record sentence in 2012.

Now free again, limited restrictions mean that Aspiotis is free to roam Kavos’s streets and bars, and only has to report to police on the first day of each month.

She added: "It was about 2pm and I was walking between two hotels when I felt this presence behind me just as I went down the path to the monastery and secret beach.

"I looked behind and he was hunched over then ran like an animal. I sped up and he asked me the time and as I looked down to tell him the time he started punching me repeatedly, got out a huge knife and dragged me into the woods."

SET BACK: Kayleigh had moved on from the attack before news of the release (Kayleigh Morgan)

He stole 1,000 euros she had collected from clients before the ordeal.

She said: "He was playing mind games with me, telling me he was taking me back to Kavos, then dragging me to another part of the wood. He took pictures of me and showed me pictures of other victims like they were trophies, he is an absolute psychopath. "

Aspiotis made her lie next to him as he slept, holding the knife to her throat.

He kept asking who she would say about injuries to her eye.

Eventually, at around 4am the next day he gave her €10 and told her to go to hospital, before she fled to a bar.

She said: "At court his own brother said they should never let him out. He even raped his own brother's girlfriend when he was younger."

She was shocked to learn Aspiotis now has a girlfriend, who is reportedly pregnant, and is convinced he will rape again.

She said: "How can she be with someone like that. She must know. His first rape was aged 15 and he was in and out of prison from the age of 18 for doing it. Every time he said he is sorry and a changed man and won't do it again, but he won't be able to stop.

"Because he only served six years after the sentence he will just think he can get away with it again."

HAPPY: Kayleigh in a shot on Kavos taken not long before the attack (Kayleigh Morgan)

Kayleigh, originally from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, bravely waived her lifelong right to anonymity as a victim of a sex attack.

She said: "I hope that my telling my story other people, who did not report it at the time will come forward. I know there were others. Only three of us gave evidence, but they think there were about 16 victims in 2010.

"I just hope they are not put off coming forward because he got out again."

She said just a few days before her attack, one of her guests was raped by Aspiotis, but she believes she flew home before reporting it to police.

She said she was told about a tattoo the rapist had that she then saw on Aspiotis days later and she knew what was about to happen.

She said: "I asked her for more about what happened so I could warn other guests and then a few days later I was his next victim."

She also hopes telling her story will force some answers from the British and Greek authorities over the secrecy surrounding Aspiotis's release.

It is widely believed that no warnings were issued because of fears over the impact on tourism - a stance Greece was criticised for during Aspiotis's 2010 rape spree.

So far the Greek Ministry of Justice, the British Vice Consulate in Corfu and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have refused to even confirm the release or comment on it.

It is understood Aspiotis’s early release was the result of a law passed by Greece’s previous socialist government, which allows sentences to be reduced in return for good behaviour and working in prison.

FREE: Kayleigh says Aspiotis, seen here in a police mugshot, is a psychopath who will strike again

She said: "It is disgusting that the Greek authorities have tried to keep it quiet because they are worried about tourism, but they will affect their own tourism with a rapist out especially if he does it again, it will be worse.

"When we went with the story in 2010 before he was arrested they got angry. My mum was contacted from Greece and even by the British Vice Consulate and they said how dare she go to the papers and ruin the tourism but she just said to them 'think about if it was your daughter'.

"Someone from the consulate sat in on the trial and they said to my mum they were sorry and they did not realise just how bad it was."

Kayleigh suffered "horrendous post traumatic stress" after the ordeal and at one stage had to cross the road if she saw a man approaching.

But, within a year she returned to her job as a rep on other resorts.

She said: "There was a time when I refused to leave the house, but eventually my Mum forced me to. She said you can't allow him to ruin your life.

"It could have gone the wrong way, but in the end I moved on. I thought he has taken 14 hours of my life, I am not going to let him take any more.

When confronted by the Sunday Express last month, Aspiotis blamed the rapes on a former cocaine addiction, and claimed now he was off class A drugs he no longer posed a risk.

He said: "I am not taking anything now so am no danger.

“I have met a girl and only think of her now. I am not allowed to leave Corfu, but they let me see her on Paxos.”

He expressed regret for the horrific rapes and insisted he would never rape again.

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