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Twisted teen killer, 16, who hammered girl to death could be named tomorrow

MURDERED: Viktorija Sokolova who was raped and battered to death (Family Picture)

A SICK teen who lured a 14-year-old friend to a park before raping and murdering her could be named in court for the first time tomorrow.

This website has applied to Judge Mr Justice Jeremy Baker, who is about to sentence the 16-year-old monster, urging him to lift an automatic restriction that bans under 18s who appear in criminal courts from being named.

Viktorija Sokolova, 14, was reported missing the day before her body was discovered on a park bench in West Park, Wolverhampton, on April 12 last year.

Her killer inflicted "incomprehensible" violence upon her, Mr Baker said, when he was found guilty of murder and rape in December.

The girl's head was "smashed in" with a hammer-like object in a "sustained and ferocious" attack.

DECISION: Judge Mr Justice Jeremy Baker (Photoshot)

Jurors at Wolverhampton Crown Court unanimously found the defendant guilty of murder and rape, but were directed to clear him of a further charge of sexual penetration of a corpse.

Judges have the discretion to name juveniles who are convicted of the most serious of offences such as this type of murder.

In an application to the judge, we said: "It could be argued that this is one such case due to the 'incomprehensible' level of violence involved."

Bill McIntosh, clerk to Mr Baker, said the judge would tomorrow consider media applications for his naming.

SIGHTING: One of the last images of Viktorija captured on CCTV

He said: "He is giving consideration to these applications and the decision will be promulgated at the sentencing hearing."

Lithuanian-born Viktorija went to the park late at night on April 11 after her killer contacted her via Facebook Messenger, the court heard.

But, she was struck over the head at least 21 times, causing multiple fractures to her skull and spine.

The boy raped her and dragged her 150m across the park, where he left her draped on the bench.

Police said the assault was so violent they found three of the schoolgirl's teeth and an earring, ripped from her ear, in the blood-spattered pavilion.

GRIEF: Viktorija's mother Karolina Valantiniene

The court heard her killer had claimed the pair had consensual sex and she was "alive and well" when he left to go home.

But he was caught on CCTV as he attempted to cover up what he had done by hiding clothing and hurling his victim's phone towards a lake.

Det Insp Caroline Corfield said there was "nothing" in the defendant's background to suggest he would "commit a seriously violent act, let alone the inexplicable levels of violence involved in Viktorija's murder".

The pair had been friends, she said, emphasising her killer was not a "faceless person" she met online.

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