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EXCLUSIVE: Rich Girl of Instagram in court over 'rare python skin designer accessories'

FAST LANE: Stephanie Scolaro is accused of selling rare python skin designer goods

A SOCIALITE who "travels by private jet" and has 89,000 Instagram followers is facing court over allegations she illegally traded in designer goods made from endangered python skin.

Stephanie Scolaro, 26, heiress to a multi-million pound mining fortune has received six court summonses in relation to a business which offered bespoke designer accessories.

Scolaro, from Baker Street, London, posts revealing images of herself in skimpy outfits in luxury locations to her thousands of Instagram followers.

STRIKE A POSE: Stephanie (left) and Lana Scolaro (right) were on Rich Kids of Instagram

She and younger sister Lana Scolaro, 23, appeared on Channel 4 reality TV show Rich Kids of Instagram which first aired in 2016, when they boasted of their privileged lives.

The girls' parents are an English mother and Italian father, who made millions as a mining tycoon.

The pair were educated at the exclusive private Mill Hill School in north London, and admitted on the show to spending up to £15,000 a month on clothes.

In the programme, Scolaro, also known as Stephy, said she divided her time between Monaco, London and New York

SUMMONS: Stephanie Scolaro is accused of illegally selling python skin goods like this baseball cap

She said: “I think the first time I was really aware that we were rich was in my early teens.

“We were taking a private jet to Monaco and eating sushi from Nobu and something told me that regular kids didn’t do that."

Lana added: “I know it sounds a bit extravagant, but when you’ve got, like, 20 suitcases and two dogs and there are five of you including the chef, it works out cheaper per person than a scheduled flight, right?”

Westminster Magistrates Court heard she was offering baseball caps, back packs and travel holdalls made using the tropical snake skin.

The charges are that on December 5 2016 she had one black travel holdall, ten baseball caps, and one white back pack, all made from python skin, and importation restrictions had been evaded.

RARE SKIN: Scolaro has yet to enter a plea in the case

She faces a similar charge in connection with six baseball caps and a holdall on March 8 2017 and a third that on the same day she kept for sale specimens made of python skins that had been imported or acquired illegally at her home in contravention of the Control of Trade in Endangered

Species Regulations.

SCENE: Boudi Fashion in Mayfair

Between September 30 2016 and March 8 2017 she is alleged to have had for sale similar items at the luxury clothes shop Boudi Fashion in Mayfair, London.

She is also said to have sold one python baseball cap from Rogue Menswear in Bexleyheath, Kent between December 2015 and June 2016 and five of the hats from Park Lane Collections in Mayfair between October 2016 and February 2017.

Scolaro, who has yet to enter a plea, was not required to attend the hearing and the case was adjourned.

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