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EXCLUSIVE: Albanian wanted 'pimp' who entered UK illegally facing extradition


A FUGITIVE Albanian pimp, caught trying to slip into the UK using a fake EU passport, is facing extradition to serve a six year prison sentence.

Gezim Troka, 44, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court and was remanded in custody until a further hearing as he was seen as "likely to abscond."

Troka is listed on the Albanian Police wanted fugitives website as being on the run after being sentenced to six years in prison for the exploitation of prostitution from 1994 to 2000.

Albania wants him back to serve out the sentence.

Extradition papers say he forced a relative into prostitution over a number of years.

In July Essex News and Investigations reported on how Troka unsuccessfully applied for bail at an immigration tribunal at Hatton Cross Tribunal Hearing Centre in west London.

The centre was told he came to the UK with false Bulgarian papers.

Speaking through a video link and an Albanian interpreter, Troka denied using a fake Bulgarian passport to enter the UK or being wanted by the Albanian authorities.

According to the National Crime Agency (NCA) Many Albanians slip into the country using falsified Romanian or Bulgarian paperwork, because Border Agency officials have difficulty telling the difference between the nationalities.

WANTED: An Albanian Police appeal for Troka

The NCA has noted a rise in the number of forged document factories springing up in the UK linked to Albanians.

In May Arsen Baculi, 23, from East Ham, east London, was jailed for five years at the Old Bailey for running a counterfeit ID operation.

He was arrested by the NCA after picking up a consignment of counterfeit documents, including a Greek passport and ID card with his picture on.

The investigation into Baculi was linked to a joint NCA and Immigration Enforcement operation which saw the dismantling of a “fraud factory” making counterfeit documents in Romford last year. That operation saw a Romanian couple jailed for four and two years respectively for making fraudulent documents.

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