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EXCLUSIVE: Man banned from protesting against Donald Trump to appear in court

BAN: Maciej Janusz Durda is banned from Westminster protests against Donald Trump ahead of his case

A MAN has been banned from demonstrating against US President Donald Trump within the City of Westminster in London.

The ban means Maciej Janusz Durda, 38, from Islington, north London, must "not to take part in any protest against Donald Trump in the City of Westminster."

It was imposed by Westminster Magistrates Court ahead of an assault trial due to begin tomorrow.

SCENE: The assault is alleged to have taken place at the Silver Cross pub during Trump's UK visit in July

Durda, originally from Poland, is charged with one count of assault amid claims he attacked James Goddard in the Silvercross Pub in Whitehall on the day of widespread protests against the US president who was visiting the UK at the time on July 13 this year.

Durda denied the charge at an earlier hearing.

Rival pro and anti-Trump demonstrators were photographed clashing outside the pub on the day.

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