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Hidden graffiti 'locked' away beneath the ageing Laindon Centre revealed

Skulltastic: Skeletal face scrawled on metal shutter

IT WAS a controversial move when Basildon Council and the administrators of the rundown Laindon Shopping Centre allowed graffiti artists and local teenagers to join forces to decorate the deteriorating 1960s building.

Night watchman: Creepy eyes follow you everywhere beneath the grotty centre

The scheme more than two years ago resulted in what is there today - a deteriorating shopping centre which is now covered in brightly painted graffiti street art murals - and also mixed views.

Some were impressed by the clearly skilled artwork and thought the work had made for a more vibrant place.

Haunting: Some of the imagery, such as this eye, is very striking

However, others wished to see the centre given a traditional lick of paint.

But while the images seen along the wooden hoardings and within the centre are now part of a well-known landmark, it is a lesser known fact that the usually locked lower service and parking area beneath the centre also boasts walls coated with impressive art that rarely sees the light of day.

Roar: Another impressive piece of art hidden away under the shopping centre

And due to an apparent security lapse by the centre managers, Essex News and Investigation Service can bring you this exclusive glimpse of them and the shabby gallery where they are found.

A reporter was able to access the area after the gates were left open and unlocked, which they must be at all times, according to signs posted outside.

Slip up? Signs says for safety gates must be padlocked at all times, but they were found wide open

The council and the administrators are keen to see the development raised and a new complex of modern shops and hopes built in its place.

But a series of blueprints for the redevelopment have been stalled since at least 2002.

Along most of the walls was much more impressive graffiti art, including a skull, haunting eyes, tags, cartoon creatures and other marvellous creations.

Love it or loathe it, make sure you check out the pictures now in case the building ever does get demolished.

Backdrop: Graffiti makes a hardcore scene for this solitary car

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